People Behind the Novak Books Project.

People Behind the Novak Books Project.

This project is a celebration of the incomparable success Novak Djokovic has achieved over the course of his illustrious tennis career. With the vision of creating a series of books “by #NoleFam for #NoleFam,” Entrepreneur and Sports Correspondent Tony Dosen enlisted some of Novak’s biggest fans to help produce a unique tribute to one of the greatest athletes in all of sports

 About the Contributors:

Jayson Schroeder is a finance professional, a husband, and father of two based in Southern California. As a longtime, passionate devotee of Novak Djokovic, Jay’s meticulous attention to detail, statistics, research and diligence was instrumental in his volunteer role as Deputy Editor.

Julie Soyer is a teacher based in London and has become a very familiar face to #NoleFam. She has been supporting the Novak Books project in the volunteer role of Project Ambassador and Social Media Manager from the onset. From her extraordinary one-on-one interview with Novak in Monte Carlo, to her heartwarming written introduction, she has played an integral role in bringing the Novak Books project to publication.


Slavimir Stojanovic Futro is a Belgrade based graphic designer, visual artist, author, illustrator and professor. His works have won more than 300 world awards and accolades and has been featured in all major design publications and is a part of collections at Centre Pompidou in Paris, Museum of Art and Advertising in Hamburg and at the Poster Museum in Warsaw. He published two award-winning illustrated children’s books and his first novel Nine is now in its 7th edition. He is a founder and creative director of branding studio Futro Design


We would also like to thank our Media Partners from Wish&Go and Ivan Govedarica who has been supporting the project from the start

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